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Do you find yourself sneezing a lot indoors for no particular reason it might have something to do with indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning is recommended at least once a year minimum depending on each house hold sometimes twice a year if you have small children and pets in the home. Vacuuming frequently between cleanings is also the best way to lengthen carpet life and maintain high levels of appearance. Carpet is really a gigantic air filtration system. It traps the soils tracked in by humans and pets, as well as minute particles of dust, mold spores small insects and other microscopic matter that circulate through the air. As a result, 70% to 80% of soil in the carpet is comprised of particulate matter, such as dust, sand, carbon, human and animal hair, and flakes of skin. By Hiring H & M Carpet care, Edmonton the technicians are all certified and has been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 20 years.  The best way to clean your carpet is with a hot water extraction steam cleaning truckmount it's the best method for a thorough cleaning.  Call H & M carpet care today we guarantee our work with our iron clad risk-free guarantee because we want you to be super pleased with the carpet cleaning nothing if more important then your complete and total satisfaction, because a clean home is a healthy home! H & M Carpet Care is Edmonton's first choice when hiring a carpet cleaner.



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