Spot and Stain Removal, Carpet Cleaning Edmonton

Can you remove all the spot and stains out of my carpet, I would love to say yes but it's not realistic by hiring H&M Carpet care we can remove most stains out if your carpet without any additional charge and let you know up front if we can remove the stain or not.  Once we have identified the stain we can now match with cleaning product to use that is best suited to remove the spot or stain. The best method to help remove the spot or stain is heat; heat activates the cleaning solution and allows it to work faster and more effectively. Our trained technicians are able to determine the right amount of heat and cleaning solution required to remove the spot and stain. H and M is Edmonton's carpet cleaning company who takes the time to talk with their customers asks the right questions such as if they can identify the cause of the spot or stain on the carpet for thorough removal. H and M Carpet care has been serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding area for over 40 years creating happy clients with a clean healthy home. Call today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment at 780 456-3644.